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The Cooperative nurseries have all transformed their production methods to be on par with international quality standards with the technical assistance of the United States Forest Serviceand other international experts.
Advanced growing equipment & techniques

With technical and financial assistance, the Cooperative have adopted advanced growing equipment and techniques, including:

  • Introduction of advanced seedling germination containers

    The quality of the seedling depends largely on the type of containers in which it is grown. State-of-the-art conical growing containers have replaces traditional "poly-bag" containers to develop long toots needed to ensure survivability once planted in often-difficult field conditions.

  • Improvement of seedling growing environment

    Including greenhouses to ensure a faster and more robust development of tree seedlings.

  • Introduction of Low-Cost growing media

    That ensures proper growth of seedlings with long and robust roots. The growing media is mixed according to leading international standards and is comprised of locally available ingredients.

  • Improvement of Fertilization:

    The cooperative developed a lower cost and labor-intensive fertilization program that provides all essential nutrients for the proper growth of good quality seedlings.

  • Improvement of Irrigation Systems

    to ensure more uniform water distribution needed for optimal plant growth and to minimize water loss

Improvement of fertilization

The Cooperative nurseries have improved their production methods, seed preparation, sowing and growing techniques, storage and transportation methods, business development, record keeping, and planning approaches.