About Us

A group of 20 nursery managers representing
10 leading native tree nurseries throughout Lebanon

We are working together to produce high-quality native tree seedlings for reforestation.

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International Forestry Experts

They were officially recognized as a cooperative in September 2013 with the support of the Lebanon Reforestation initiative (LRI), a project funded by the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Unite States Forest Service (USFS).

The cooperative nurseries have been working for the past few years with international forestry experts and institutions to enhance their native seedling quality to increase the rates of tree survivability once they are planted and to decrease the cost of production.


Uniting all native tree nurseries in Lebanon for the purpose of promoting the best practices of tree production and enhancing reforestation efforts throughout Lebanon.


We seek an environment with a balanced National Biodiversity to reduce desertification and effects of climate change.

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  • Producing high-quality native tree seedlings for increased reforestation survival rates
  • Sharing the best practices of native tree production to strengthen nursery practices in Lebanon
  • Promoting and managing tree species diversity needed for optimal reforestation in specific regions
  • Enhancing communication among native tree nurseries for more successful reforestation project planning in the future
Executive Committee
  • President : Maroun Aziz
  • Vice President : Khaled Slim
  • General Secretary : Georges Fakhry
  • Treasurer : Isabelle Karam
  • Member at Large : Kozhaya Hanna & Ali Khalil
Lieutenant Committee
  • First Lieutenant Member : Cosette Karam
  • Second Lieutenant Member : Said Aouad
General Assembly
  • Farouk Salman
  • Walid Salman
  • Daher Abdel Massih
  • Shadi Salman
  • Nabil Nemr
  • Joelle Barakat
  • Tony Fakhry
  • Sandra Saba
  • Seyed Douaihy
Oversight Committee
  • Challitah Tanious
  • Ghada Keyrouz
  • Hisham Salman

Why do we grow native plants?

As "native plants" are defined to be the indigeneous or endemic plants to a land

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As "native plants" are defined to be the indigenous or endemic plants to a land, the CNTPL grows exclusively native species to the Lebanese lands, in order to conserve the original biodiversity that Lebanon inherited over the ages. However, CNTPL produces native seedlings with the bigger purpose of successful and adapted plantation to the local lands and environments, with minimal water needs, minial fertilization needs and with little risk of disease infection. For any kind of successful plantation in Lebanon - reforestation, restoration, conservation or landscape - CNTPL ensures strong, vigorous seedlings, adapted to the Lebanese climates and soils.